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3D Reproduction 

We are inspiring and teaching citizen scientists (especially students) to understand and preserve marine biodiversity and natural heritage, through sophisticated 3D printing solutions and digital data collection. Collaborating with schools, universities, city councils and aboriginal communities, to reproduce an iconic types of marine life in Queensland. Motivating school students and residents to explore Australia's natural heritage, via different 3D printing workshops and related STEM activities.


Through collaboration with schools and university partners, and in line with relevant QUT surveys & workshops and STEM competition in Queensland (WERAU),


The project will initiate co-creation conservation activity from all participant. With every participant contributing and utilising the latest 3d printning technology.

Finally, the statue would be completed in the competition.


As long as more collaboration with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. members will reproduce more marine species in the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef, which will become a vital part of Queensland marine education, .


If you are interested in participating please view the attached Flyer and Survey Information Sheet for further details on the study BEFORE clicking on the button below.  SURVEY


All participants would learn and engage on co-creating by 3D modeling, online data collection and printing, our project would start from a survey, please join up with us.


To become a member of AUVR, you just need to complete the following simple steps. If you require some assistance please email the secretary here and the association secretary will help you through the process.

  1. Fill in and return the Association Affiliate forms – AUVR Form 2 (download here) and  Form 3 (download here)

  2. Read the Membership Renewal Process available here

  3. Send a completed MR1 form (download here) to the AUVR president here.

  4. Your members pay the annual member fee $50.

  5. The AUVR will register your membership, and all entitlement would be

For more information contact the AUVR treasurer/registrar by email here.

The following pics are about our organised activities in the past.  Please share with your friends. 

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