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The AUVR is perfect for those interested in autonomous drones, particularly built for specific purposes, ie. environmental monitoring, aerial photography and coding education, etc. We have created an environment to collaborate and showcase your projects, as well as listening to expert speakers from around the industry.


Our association, Australian Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics Association Inc, ( AUVR) provides more convenient access to our members, regarding the following entitlements:


  • Our Association or affiliate members will enjoy the benefits of the “Visual Line of Sight” exemption via the AUVR. Allowing them to fly their drone using a smart phone, tablet or goggles as long as they have an observer present. The observer is the pilot in command and must be able to physically see the unmanned aircraft at all times.

  • Our members can visit or attend our Coding Drone course under the guidance of the Association's Visitor policy.

  • Safer flights with more robust operating procedures and a proactive incident investigation system.

  • We are organisation that enables you to fly competitively on the international stage.


Our Assocaition ( AUVR) encourage any interested parties to apply for membership:

To become a member of AUVR, you just need to complete the following simple steps. If you require some assistance please email the secretary here and the association secretary will help you through the process.

  1. Fill in and return the Association Affiliate forms – AUVR Form 2 (download here) and  Form 3 (download here)

  2. Read the Membership Renewal Process available here

  3. Send a completed MR1 form (download here) to the AUVR president here.

  4. Your members pay the annual member fee $50.

  5. The AUVR will register your membership.

For more information contact the AUVR treasurer/registrar by email here.

The following pics are about our organised activities in the past.  Please share with your friends. 

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