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Australian Unmanned Vehicles And Robotics Association

Our Vision

Using technology to enrich our lives and improve the well being of others in challenging environments

Australian Unmanned Vehicles And Robotics Association (AUVR)

Welcome to the Australian Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics Association ( AUVR).

AUVR is a community of like minded members, interested in the latest Drone, Robotics and 3D Printing technologies in Australia. We are a friendly platform to exchange ideas, resources and expertise, whilst encouraging and assisting the adopting of emerging technology. We encourage and support all Australians, with incorporating the latest technology into their communities, whilst working to conserve Australia's resources and heritage.

With experts from around Australia, AUVR draws on decades of expertise and knowledge to provide the best training and assistance with your projects.

As a leading expert, AUVR provides the best advice, instructors and knowledge base so you can learn to understand and enjoy your favorite. You can undertake different workshop and training here, get your knowledge, or even become an educator, Instructor or Inspector!


AURV is more than a club, it’s about cluster of friends and a local, supportive community. See benefits in Member and join the AUVR today!

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