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Australian Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics Association Inc ( AUVR) is a community of  drones, robots, and 3D Printing professionals and enthusiasts, we are cluster of friends, companies, organizations and communities, who are pursuing a better life through latest technologies.


AUVR has different panels of profession and preference, aiming to provide members with the best service and academic assistance.

7 benefits of membership

Join AUVR today and enjoy the following benefits:


  1.  Be part of a growing community of Technology enthusiasts.

  2.  Ask questions about related photography, destinations and equipment.

  3.  Share your images, videos and locations with other members.

  4.  Arrange enjoyable informal meetups with other members.

  5.  Fun monthly excursions to specific destinations,

  6.  Know the latest rules in industries and avoid fines.

  7.  Enjoy the new product launch conference and forum for free

4 simple steps to join AUVR

Follow these five simple steps to join RAPS:

  1. Send a completed AUVR membership form (download here) to the President of AUVR

  2. Pay your $50 membership fee as per AUVR membership form.

  3. Become a fan of the AUVR Facebook page here.

More information

Contact us for more information:

At or ring our office at 07-34114958, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.

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