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​AUVR supports and fosters interest in various aspects related to robotics;

We cater to the interests of both hobbyists and beginners as well as industry professionals. AUVR is also alliances with stem educators and event organizers around Australia, and hence we extend our support to the participants of robotics-related competitions, held all over Australia.

To become a member of AUVR, you just need to complete the following simple steps. If you require assistance please email the secretary here and the association secretary will help you through the process.

  1. Fill in and return the Association Affiliate forms – AUVR Form 2 (download here) and  Form 3 (download here)

  2. Read the Membership Renewal Process available here

  3. Send a completed MR1 form (download here) to the AUVR president here.

  4. Your members pay the annual member fee $50.

  5. The AUVR will register your membership

For more information contact the AUVR treasurer/registrar by email here.

The following pictures are off our previously organized events.  Please share with your friends. 

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